Delphine Randet designs a top-of-the-range and unique collection of blankets and scarves made entirely by hand. Her 15 years of experience in fashion acquired at LVMH and KERING allows her to associate the artisanal occurrence with permanent criteria of excellence.

The range of products that Otherways offers is the result of the rediscovery of ancestral processes, unique human encounters, the rigorous choice of exceptional materials, the use of local traditions and respect for the natural environment. The refined assortment of contemporary colours highlights original patterns.

Produced in a human-sized workshop in Nepal, each product is exclusive and elegant. The pieces are entirely handmade: from the harvesting and processing of the yarns, to their dyeing, weaving, packaging and labelling. This meticulous treatment of the yarn, from the very beginning, and the hand weaving seal the authenticity and uniqueness of each Otherways branded piece.

Otherways products are made from Tibetan yak wool and Mongolian camel wool, noble raw materials with properties comparable to those of cashmere, which are collected by hand.

The yak moults and sheds its hair naturally in spring. The Mongolian camel is one of the most precious species of the Gobi desert and the promotion of its wool contributes to its protection.

«A lasting relationship with the Nepalese artisans is based on mutual esteem. The equivalence of contributions is not threatened and their way of life, income and recognition are not to be conquered.»

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