At 17, Ingrid discovers ceramics in Roland Zoble's workshop in Anduze in southern France. After studying literature she decided to start a career in ceramics. She trained in pottery at the International Center for Training in Crafts and Ceramics as well as in the theory and practice of enamels. There she discovered the high temperature wood ovens of La Puisaye and the excitement of the exhausting and magical firing techniques.

Ingris has been working on her production since 2005.

She deforms the pieces during drying, seeking an attitude, an emotion, an evocation.

After a first firing at 1000°C, the shapes are covered with enamels that she manufactures for the sake of texture and color : they complete the work on the forms, accentuating or softening the deformations. The parts are then annealed at 1300°C in a gas oven.

We adore Ingrid’s work for her creation of powerful and yet subtle colors, for the beauty of her shapes for everyday objects and the surrealism of her beautiful sculptures.

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