ZEBRES is a tale of tales ! And the desire to tell them brings life to a place in Paris.

Antonin Gatier set up his gallery in early 2018 in the heart of the historic Marais, at 14 rue François Miron, in a listed 18th-century building. The two floors of this "Maison Camuset" are the ideal setting to travel through the sensitive and creative eyes of the gallery's artists. From objects to paintings, drawings to sculptures, ZEBRES invites you to discover contemporary works of art and decorative arts from the 20th and 21st centuries, to talk about them and to stay a while, just as you would at a friend's house.

ZEBRES is a gallery, an apartment, a living space where a collection of works of art, unique pieces of furniture and objects charged with sensibility are presented. ZEBRES is an "aesthetic laboratory" that vibrates thanks to a community of artists, craftsmen, experts and lovers of beautiful things. It's a breeding ground for feelings, enriched by the eyes of every visitor.

Every work, every material, every artistic encounter has a story to tell.

Antonin Gatier comes from a family of artists and collectors. He is the nephew of Pierre-Antoine Gatier, academician and chief architect of historic monuments, who passed on to him his passion for heritage and the arts, from medieval times to the avant-gardes of the 20th century. After starting his career at Chanel, he decided to become independent and in 2018 gave birth to the ZEBRES gallery.

« As a child, I often accompanied my parents to art galleries, antique stores and auction halls. They would always ask me for my opinion on works and objects. This also became an opportunity to meet many experts, lovers of design and art dealers with whom we share a certain vision of things. It is thanks to this environment that I have developed this sensitivity, this taste for things, this love of Art and for the arts that I'm trying to share nowadays. »

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