ZEBRES is a tale of tales ! And the desire to tell them brings life to a place in Paris.

En plein cœur du Marais historique, au 14 rue François Miron, la passion des belles choses s’installe dans un immeuble XVIIIème classé. Les deux étages de cette « Maison Camuset » sont le décor rêvé où vous inviter à découvrir des objets, regarder des œuvres, en parler et rester un moment, comme l’on reste chez un ami.

ZEBRES is a boutique, an art gallery, an apartment, a living space where emotion of discovery reigns. There, you will find objects and works of art, like found treasures, all unique and full of affect. ZEBRES is also an « aesthetic laboratory » that evolves with the help of a community of artisans, artists, experts and lovers of beautiful things. It is a pool of feelings that is enriched by the gaze of each visitor.

Every object, every material, every artistic encounter is a story to tell.

« As a child, I often accompanied my parents to art galleries, antique stores and auction halls. They would always ask me for my opinion on works and objects. This also became an opportunity to meet many experts, lovers of design and art dealers with whom we share a certain vision of things. It is thanks to this environment that I have developed this sensitivity, this taste for things, this love of Art and for the arts that I'm trying to share nowadays. »

Antonin Gatier, founder.

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