Some thirty original works, paintings, prints, totems and lithographies by Louise Cara exhibited from 28 November to 31 January 2019. These works have been selected from her series « Traits, Tectonic, Unité and Pavés Mosaïc ».The singularity of her technique lies in the choice of her materials and tools. It results in the exclusive use of an intense and deep black Japanese ink and a unique pigment, slate, fixed by a natural binder. The writing of her works is made up of signs, drawn mainly with a spatula and a calligraphy brush. Louise Cara seeks to strike a balance in oppositions: black/white, full/empty, soft/hard, horizontal/vertical. As if to install graphically a harmony of contrasts.

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Inside Zèbres: A Parisian Shop Of A Different Stripe by Alice Garbarini Hurley: The Parisian shop Zèbres – French for zebras, the exotic, eye-catching animals – is so named for a good reason. “Zebras are indomitable and brave. Their stripes make each and every one of them unique,” explains Antonin Gatier, owner of the new shop in an 18th-century building in the historic Le Marais district. “They are a symbol of diversity and community, freedom, balance and individualism. We like to think that our selection of objects and art is, to some extent, a zebra.” “Everything is from different time periods and locations, brought together in a harmonious space,” he adds. Expect vintage luminaires (lamps); plum furniture finds; and maybe, if it’s...

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