Bicolour blanket, green and midnight blue - Otherways

The Otherways blankets are entirely handmade in a human-sized company in Nepal. From the processing of the yarns and their dyeing, weaving, packaging and labeling, the hand is involved in all stages of the manufacturing process.

A play of checks and stripes gives each piece a strong and intense presence in space, accentuated by contrasting, deep, timeless colours and randomly highlighted by the Otherways strip.

An occasional addition of fringes borders the ends and brings density in hand on both sides of the blankets.

100% Tibetan yak wool

Wild or domestic yaks live at high-altitude above 3000 meters in the Tibetan mountains, on the borders of the Himalayas. Soft, light and extremely fine, the fibers are sturdy and warm, allowing the yak to withstand blizzards and cold weather down to – 40°C.

Yaks molt and shed their hair naturally in the spring.

You can find out more about Otherways blankets, plaids and scarves, about the workshop and the people who create them, as well as follow their spinning and hand weaving process, at

  • Hauteur : 150 cm
  • Largeur : 200 cm
  • XXIème siècle
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