« Axis Mundi », Tectonic series, slate pigment & Japanese ink on paper stretched on frame, 142 x 101 cm - Louise Cara, 2016

The uniqueness of Louise Cara’s technique lies in her choice of materials and tools. It is expressed by the exclusive use of an intense deep black Japanese ink and a unique pigment, slate, fixed by a natural binder. The graphism of her painting is made of signs and tracings mainly drawn by a spatula and calligraphy brushes. Louise Cara seeks to strike a balance in oppositions: black/white, full/empty, flexible/hard, horizontal/vertical, as if to graphically install a harmony of contrasts.

  • Hauteur : 142 cm
  • Largeur : 101 cm
  • XXIème siècle
  • Année de création : 2016
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