Olfactory incarnations of Italian aesthetics, inventions of a Florentine antique dealer lover of the beautiful, these exceptional scents are an opportunity to travel and to love.

Paolo Tozzi imagines and conceives sophisticated ambient scents out of conventions and time. A personal approach that he shares in his home decor and antiques store in the historic Florence.

This human and olfactory discovery naturally gave rise to a common project and gives us the privilege of being the only place in Paris where to find these wonders.

Agrumi di pietra

Aromatic lemon head mixed with grapefruit, rosemary and sage intertwined with a floral and fruity body of mandarin and acacia flowers. Musky and woody bottom of cedar, incense and patchouli.

Ambra segreta

Head notes with a bit of citrus and sage on a complex body slightly floral of lavender, lavandin and geranium. The amber bottom of patchouli and cedar is enriched with spicy nuances of cloves.


Citrusy and aromatic high notes of lemon, bergamot and artemisia that melt down in a body of geranium leaves. Bottom notes genuinely woody and musky of vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.


Unconventional fragrance that reminds the saltiness and the power of a sunrise at sea. Citrusy and marine head with a touch of thyme and lavender put together with a musky and woody body like logs brought by seatides to the beach.

Impero d'Oriente

Complex combination of aldehyde and floral notes inspired by the wonderful sunsets on the Arabian Peninsula. Hints of rose and magnolia warmed by precious woods and oriental resins such as patchouli and benzoin.


Freshly squeezed Calabrian citruses with balsamic and aromatic notes of pennyroyal, geranium leaf, dog-rose and lavender bouquet. Woody and musky bottom of sandalwood and patchouli with a teardrop of cascarilla.

Oro Nero

Slightly citrusy and aromatic fragrance with lime, lemon, sage and cardamom. Body with hints of lavender and spiced with black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon leaves. Woody and amber bottom note of patchouli, guaiac, cedar, incense and vetiver.


Notes de tête aux agrumes et arômes balsamiques de citron et d'eucalyptus qui donnent force et caractère à un corps de fleurs de lavande. Fond boisé et musqué de patchouli et bois de santal.



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