« Ilots de Loire », oil on canvas, 28 x 53 cm - Jacques Ousson (27)

This oil on wood by Jacques Ousson is called « Ilots de Loire » (Loire Islands).This painting painted in shades of blue-grey colours present a mass of water in which reflects the sky animated by the evening light.

The artist, seduced by the Loire region, chooses to immortalize his river banks and green landscapes. Light and colour occupy a prominent place in his work. 

Born in 1937, Jacques Ousson took the « cours Charpentier » and was then admitted to the « École des Métiers d’art », (School of Arts and Crafts). From then on, he continued his pictorial research on his own. In 1976, he met the patron Pierre Levy and then lived in Madrid at the Casa de Velasquez from 1977 to 1979. He then returned to France, to Ousson-sur-Loire, so dear to his heart and from which he takes his pseudonym.


Height x Width: 28 x 53 cm