« Centrale de Belleville », engraving, 18 x 24 cm - Jacques Ousson, 1982 (23)

This etching entitled « Centrale de Belleville » was created by painter of the Loire Jacques Ousson in 1982. It represents the Belleville nuclear power plant, located in the Loire region. The darkened sky is filled with a multitude of cranes overlooking the circular architecture of the power plant.

The manufacturing process of this etching consists in first making the drawing with a metal point, on a metal plate covered with an etching varnish. Immersed in an acid bath, the plate reveals the motifs, which will then be inked. The whole will be put under press.

Born in 1937, Jacques Ousson followed the « cours Charpentier » and was then admitted to the « École des Mériers d'Art ». From then on, he continued his pictorial research as a self-taught artist. In 1976, he met the patron Pierre Levy and then lived in Madrid at the Casa de Velasquez from 1977 to 1979. He then returned to France, to Ousson-sur-Loire, so dear to his heart and from which he takes his pseudonym.

  • Hauteur : 18 cm
  • Largeur : 21 cm
  • Années 1980
  • Année de création : 1982
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